WeskerxBirkin RP Perhaps? C:

Hello everyone! 

I'm a bit new to this LJ and community here, so if I'm bit of a newbie please forgive me. xD Ever since my best friend has introduced me to the series Resident Evil two years ago, I have been obsessed with it so. My biggest obsession about this game happens to be William and Albert, their friendship, and mostly the yaoi pairing too. <3 Truly, these two are my OTP (only true pairing) and I love anything I can find with these two, because I think they deserve much more love than they get. 

Now my question for everyone else out here is would there be anyone willing to RP with me with these too? Seriously, it would be my dream come true. I have an e-mail or MSN, if anyone is interested, just please let me know if you are interested please! :D I have been a writer for 3 years and I've RPed with a friend from school for about a year and a half, so I'm not completely inexperienced.

Anyone wanting to do so? This would be an early b-day gift to me if anyone could (haha my b-day is on June 6th) and wish come true. C:

Thanks for reading a have a great day! 

New Fanart

I've drawn a fanart of Wesker and William. Nothing too spectacular, but I had the idea and thought it was cute:

It's one the rare occasions when William is the first one to wake up in the morning. Has anyone read Wesker's Report II? Wesker mentions that William is reading all the time, and even in one of the few cutscenes of RE Zero, you can see Will reading a document. So I'm sure he always has something to read at hand. :D As you might have noticed, I'm kinda obsessed with William's freckles, they're so cute. ^///^ William looks pretty content, doesn't he?

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Wesker Birkin, again by ~Amethyst66 on deviantART

As I said in comments, my new art for this couple.
I still bad in drawing Albert, but I hope you'll like it!
Draw this, till listening Manuela song:
Sleep, my love, as the trees above protect you from the dark.
A great river will watch you as you dream until dawn.

Sleep my love, close your eyes...
and when you´ve awaken, a new day will bring to you a brand new world...

Some Cosplay pictures and a video ^^

Hi there! ^^
I'm a huge fan of Wesker and Birkin, so I was really happy to find this community. William Birkin is my all-time favorite character in the whole Resident Evil series, and I think he and Wesker are just so perfect for each other. I really want to contribute something to the community, so let's start with some Cosplay pictures of me as William on AnimagiC 2009, and me and Al on YukiCon 2009:

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There will be a lot more pictures coming soon, we'll also wear the Resident Evil cosplay on AnimagiC 2010. Al will have his S.T.A.R.S. outfit then!

Here's also a video I made for Wesker and Birkin with the song Prelude 3.0 by Slipknot:


I'll add some icons and fanarts soon. I really think that those amazing characters need much more attention. ^^

Disclaimer: Resident Evil belongs to Capcom. I don't make any profit and no Copyright infringement is intended!

some icons...

Hi! ^^
I'm new to this community. I've begun playing Resident Evil this year, but I've already played five games of the series as I really became a fan of it. And of course also a fan of the characters Wesker and Birkin. ^-^ So I was very happy to find this community. I think there's just too few stuff about the two of them on the Internet.
I hope to be able to draw some fanart now, during Christmas holidays. Besides, there are some cosplay photos in work... But as for now, here are some icons. (Click on the image to download the icon.) Enjoy. ^_^

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The copyright of the Resident Evil series doesn't belong to me. I make no profit with it and intend no copyright infringement.
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Birkin&amp;Wesker - in secret

Fic: On a Limited Time

So, it looks like we have members and watchers! That's awesome. :D Just as a brief community update, I'm trying to come up with a header, but it's going to take a while, considering what little experience I have with Photoshop and the like. (Of course, the alternative of someone volunteering for the job is open - I'm certainly not set on making this comm in my own image.)

Anyway, the point of this post is this short fic here. To give fair notice, I'm really interested in the intimate take on their relationship right now and wrote this to explore that aspect, together with the character dynamic.

Title: On a Limited Time
Pairing: Wesker and Birkin, of course!
Rating: PG-13/soft R
Word Count: ~600
Summary: The early stage of Birkin and Wesker's relationship, namely their first attempt at intimacy. It happens faster than either of them would have expected. (Drabble-ish style, Wesker's perspective.)
Notes: This would take place a year or two after they started working together at Umbrella. Since there's not a lot of material covering that, it's heavily influenced by my take on the characters and how they got along. Most importantly, I found their using each other's given names fitting in the context of their ages and the contrast with their later relations (or my perception of them, anyway). Also, I think it's safe to assume Wesker would have worn jeans at least once in his life. (It's not like they don't make them, you know, black. XD) And that he wouldn't have been immune to any and all awkward situations, but that's starting to give away too much. On to the business!
Disclaimer: Resident Evil belongs to Capcom. I make no profit and intend no copyright infringement.

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Greetings and welcome to the community for William Birkin and Albert Wesker from Capcom's great game series, Resident Evil! Why these two? Well, aside from the fact that each of them is a worthwhile character in his own right, their dynamic is something truly fascinating. The first thing I had to notice was that while Wesker is undeniably one of the most unapproachable personalities of the series, his relationship with Birkin instantly stood out as one of mutual respect and even trust. But enough of my perceptions; I'm sure that everyone who likes the two could give their own reasons for doing so.

Admittedly, it seems to be a little late now, after the release of Resident Evil 5, to start a comm for a duo that hasn't appeared in any game together for quite a while. But I think that, on the off-chance that there still might be a fandom for them, having a place devoted to Wesker and Birkin on LJ is not such a bad idea. Those two deserve appreciation!

That's it for the warm-up post. If this comm has caught your interest, don't hesitate to join, comment, or even post your own stuff. Overall rules can be found in the userinfo, but basically everything with Wesker and Birkin as the main focus is welcome.

Thanks for reading!