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Some Cosplay pictures and a video ^^

Hi there! ^^
I'm a huge fan of Wesker and Birkin, so I was really happy to find this community. William Birkin is my all-time favorite character in the whole Resident Evil series, and I think he and Wesker are just so perfect for each other. I really want to contribute something to the community, so let's start with some Cosplay pictures of me as William on AnimagiC 2009, and me and Al on YukiCon 2009:

There will be a lot more pictures coming soon, we'll also wear the Resident Evil cosplay on AnimagiC 2010. Al will have his S.T.A.R.S. outfit then!

Here's also a video I made for Wesker and Birkin with the song Prelude 3.0 by Slipknot:

I'll add some icons and fanarts soon. I really think that those amazing characters need much more attention. ^^

Disclaimer: Resident Evil belongs to Capcom. I don't make any profit and no Copyright infringement is intended!
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