sologirl377 (sologirl377) wrote in birkin_wesker,

WeskerxBirkin RP Perhaps? C:

Hello everyone! 

I'm a bit new to this LJ and community here, so if I'm bit of a newbie please forgive me. xD Ever since my best friend has introduced me to the series Resident Evil two years ago, I have been obsessed with it so. My biggest obsession about this game happens to be William and Albert, their friendship, and mostly the yaoi pairing too. <3 Truly, these two are my OTP (only true pairing) and I love anything I can find with these two, because I think they deserve much more love than they get. 

Now my question for everyone else out here is would there be anyone willing to RP with me with these too? Seriously, it would be my dream come true. I have an e-mail or MSN, if anyone is interested, just please let me know if you are interested please! :D I have been a writer for 3 years and I've RPed with a friend from school for about a year and a half, so I'm not completely inexperienced.

Anyone wanting to do so? This would be an early b-day gift to me if anyone could (haha my b-day is on June 6th) and wish come true. C:

Thanks for reading a have a great day! 
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