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Greetings and welcome to the community for William Birkin and Albert Wesker from Capcom's great game series, Resident Evil! Why these two? Well, aside from the fact that each of them is a worthwhile character in his own right, their dynamic is something truly fascinating. The first thing I had to notice was that while Wesker is undeniably one of the most unapproachable personalities of the series, his relationship with Birkin instantly stood out as one of mutual respect and even trust. But enough of my perceptions; I'm sure that everyone who likes the two could give their own reasons for doing so.

Admittedly, it seems to be a little late now, after the release of Resident Evil 5, to start a comm for a duo that hasn't appeared in any game together for quite a while. But I think that, on the off-chance that there still might be a fandom for them, having a place devoted to Wesker and Birkin on LJ is not such a bad idea. Those two deserve appreciation!

That's it for the warm-up post. If this comm has caught your interest, don't hesitate to join, comment, or even post your own stuff. Overall rules can be found in the userinfo, but basically everything with Wesker and Birkin as the main focus is welcome.

Thanks for reading!

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