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William Birkin & Albert Wesker

slash, friendship, general appreciation

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Focus on Birkin and Wesker from Resident Evil/Biohazard - slash, friendship, all is welcome!

to the place for all things Wesker and Birkin

This community was born of a fan's intense, though very belated horror upon finding out that there was no space dedicated solely to the characters of Albert Wesker and William Birkin in all of Livejournal. If you agree that such lack of attention for these fascinating men is a shame, you've come to the right place! Here it's all about the two and the various aspects and possibilities of their relationship.


--Is it about Wesker and Birkin, as friends or a couple or anything in between? We want it!
--If posting, please tag your entries by type of content (fic, art, poll, media, discussion, etc.) to make them easy to search for. Long entries and large images should be placed under an LJ-cut.
--Adult material is fine, but remember to LJ-cut it as well. Entries rated NC-17 must also be labelled and set to "Explicit Adult Content" by LJ's regulations. Friendslock is an additional precaution but not necessary.
--No bashing of any character is allowed.
--General posts about only one of the characters are accepted if relevant and insightful. Use your best judgement to avoid spamming the community.
--Promotion of related websites is encouraged.
--But most importantly of all: enjoy!


While it is more common to see the names in reverse order, this community accepts all takes on the dynamic between these characters. To emphasize this point, an alphabetical listing seems to be the most fitting for its neutrality.


Feel free to contact the maintainer, oudeteron, via private message. I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Profile image courtesy of Ketaalas. Header and icon made from pics from the Conspirators fanlist (used with permission).